Our Story

When we purchased our property in 2008 we had no idea we would love our own homegrown food so much that we would start producing it for our community too!

Our continuing Journey

A Way of Life

When we were newly married, we both knew that we wanted to raise our children in the lifestyle we had each grown up with; a lifestyle steeped in hard work and fresh air, and the rewarding feeling of a job well done.  We started with a garden and a few cows and over the years little by little we’ve added chickens, sheep, ducks, and most recently pigs.  There is just no better feeling than eating a plateful of food that we poured our blood, sweat and tears into producing.  Not everyone has the good fortune or the inclination to live this lifestyle, so we decided to make the homegrown food we produce available to our wider community!

We have always felt that when it comes to growing food, less is more – less medications, less chemical applications, less pushing for a quick finish – for more flavour, more nutrition, and more health, for our land, our livestock, and our plates.

Like most farmers, we are continually learning better ways to do what we love.  For us, this road has led us towards Regenerative Agriculture, as we continue to seek knowledge and improve our methods on our continuing journey to grow food in a way that benefits our environment.

A True Family Farm

Our four children are an integral part of the food we raise here at Northwoods Farm.  They each have their own ideas, skills and passions that bring so much to the table.

We got into sheep initially when our oldest daughter joined the local 4-H club; our first ewe, Callie, was her show ewe and as it stands now, our daughter’s flock is larger than our own!

Our second daughter had wanted to raise pigs for years and finally we helped her get started with a few weaner piglets.  She cared for those piglets so well and had so much joy in raising them that Northwoods Farm pork will be making regular appearances.

Our third and youngest daughter collects the eggs every day, and I can’t wait to see where her passions take her as she grows.

Last but not least is our fearless young son, who inserts himself in every aspect of the farm and can often be found using his tools to take apart whatever is handy.  We have high hopes that soon he’ll apply himself to figuring out how to put them back together too.

Grown By Us, For You

Our commitment at Northwoods Farm is to grow your food with all the care and attention we put into it when we were only growing for ourselves; with forethought for the health of the land so that it is here for future generations; and with respect for the livestock so that we can say with confidence, they spent their days happy and healthy in the sunshine.  After all, your food is our food, this land is only under our care for a short while, and all of God’s creatures are deserving of a standard of living that promotes their health and welfare.

The LaRochelle Family

Northwoods Farm

The Northwoods Team

Verlin LaRochelle

When not working his off-farm job, Verlin can usually be found fixing something, running machinery, or trying to keep the rest of us from biting off more than we can chew. If you don't find him there he's probably sitting by a campfire cooking some of our delicious home raised meats over an open fire.

Debra LaRochelle

Debra has had a longstanding interest in natural farming and gardening techniques, recently receiving her Permaculture Design Certificate from Verge Permaculture. That step inspired the launch of Northwoods Farm, to better share the resources so abundant to our location. Too bad she didn't realize at the time that this would involve so much paperwork and finally learning how to back up a trailer!

Northwoods Kids

The Northwoods kids are why we got to where we are now - they motivate and inspire us to do better than we did yesterday, every day.

There's never a dull moment with them on the team!