Farm to Table

We love our homegrown products and we’re sure you will too!  Read on to learn more about what we offer and how it’s grown.

How We Farm

We practice Regenerative Agriculture, which seeks to rehabilitate and enhance our farm ecosystem as a whole through rebuilding soil health, improving water and air quality, and building resilience and bio-diversity into our landscape.  We don’t apply chemical pesticides to our land and we strive to build the health of our livestock through nutrition and grazing management, avoiding unnecessary treatments.


Home to diverse populations of wild species

Carbon Vault

Healthy soils capture carbon from the atmosphere


Raised Outside in Low Stress Conditions



We finish our beef on grass, which requires growing them beyond the 18 months standard for conventional grain finished beef, finishing at around 24-30 months.  This slow finish results in complex flavour, juicy marbling, and a higher levels of certain nutrients like Vitamin E, antioxidants, Conjugated Linoleic Acid and Omega 3 fatty acids.

Our beef operation is currently in a state of growth and transition, and as a result some of our cattle were brought in as yearlings and may have received some grain prior to arriving on our farm.  We have a goal of all our beef being 100% grass fed from start to finish by 2023.



Our lambs are born in the Spring, in sync with the start of the growing season.  They spend the summer on pasture with their mothers, then after fall weaning they get alfalfa and grass hay for the winter, with the occasional bale of oat hay for extra energy in cold weather.  We let them finish slow, resulting in lean and mild meat.



Slow grown pork is a recent addition to our farm, thanks to our daughter who had been asking for some pigs to raise for quite some time.  Finally we got on board and they have filled a gap in our livestock integration we didn’t know was there!  We raise them outdoors, and they do important jobs like drinking excess milk from the milk cow when we have it, making use of all the garden waste, and generally giving us lots of laughs with their antics.  We don’t clip tails or teeth, because it isn’t necessary with happy pigs!


Pastured Eggs

We have been producing farm fresh eggs for ourselves and our customers since 2011!  Chickens are another fantastic waste-busting animal that reduce insect pests, clean up garden and household scraps, and turn them into beautiful eggs with a golden yolk during the growing season.  In the winter our hens have access to an outdoor run in all but the bitterest cold, and when the grazing season begins they move to their mobile coop where they forage greens and bugs to their hearts content.  We run a small flock, so availability is limited!



Delicious meat is not the only thing our flock of sheep produce.  Every year they must be sheared for their health and comfort, and the product is the fabulous and versatile natural fiber we call wool!  Our fiber program is just getting started, but we hope to have locally grown wool products available sometime in Winter 2021-2022.  From time to time there may also be naturally tanned sheepskins available.


Forest & Garden

Did you know that a mature forest is one of the most productive ecosystems in nature?  The forest around us grows an amazing abundance of wild herbs and food, with a little time invested into finding and preparing it.  Occasionally there may be very limited offerings of ethically foraged forest products, as well as extra bounty from our vegetable garden.  These won’t be regularly stocked, so watch our Instagram and Facebook pages for announcements.