Growing healthy food from healthy land, for our family and yours.

What We Offer

Grass Finished Beef

Pastured Pork

Pastured Lamb

Farm Fresh Eggs


Forest & Garden

Our Story

The LaRochelle Family

Our regenerative farming journey started out as a desire to improve our health and raise our children with good food and a farm-raised lifestyle.  We bought our land in 2008, tasted our first homegrown grass-finished beef in 2014 and haven’t turned back since!

Small Family Farm

Everything we offer is a family effort with our four children.

Locally Produced

Building food security in our community


Working to preserve and restore the local ecology

Our Farm

About Northwoods Farm

Northwoods Farm is located at the end of a road with only forested crown land and ecological reserve between us and the Peace River.  As much as possible we aim to work in harmony with the local ecology, grazing our livestock amidst an amazing diversity of wild species.

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